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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby

The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby

Violet Barnaby searches for the joy in life after losing her mother in this sweet and funny follow-up to The Charming Life of Izzy Malone.

Violet Barnaby is a having a blue Christmas. She’s still grieving the loss of her mother, and to make things worse, her dad has just married Melanie Harmer, a.k.a. the meanest teacher at Dandelion Hollow Middle School. But on the day Violet and her dad are packing up and moving into the new house they’ll share with Melanie and Melanie’s two children, Violet finds a letter her mother wrote to her before she died, asking Violet to enjoy Christmas, along with a Christmas Wish List—things her mom wants her to do during the holiday season. On the list are exactly the kinds of things Violet doesn’t want to do this year, like Be Someone’s Secret Santa; Give Someone the Gift of Your Time: Volunteer; and Bake Christmas Cookies.

Violet shows the letter to her friend Izzy’s Aunt Mildred, who calls a meeting of the Charm Girls, a club Izzy and Violet belong to along with their friends, Daisy and Sophia. Aunt Mildred decides she will give them each a charm to put on their bracelet if they do all of the tasks on the Christmas Wish List, which Violet is not too happy about. She’d rather forget about the list completely, but feels compelled to honor her mother’s wishes.

And when Izzy’s crush confides a big secret to Violet, Violet feels like she is stuck between her best friend and the boy who she just might have a crush on, too…

Praise for The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby

"[an] emotionally perceptive novel of grief and recovery." - Kirkus

You'll fall in love with Violet and love every minute of living in her wondrous world! - Stephanie Faris

Author Jenny Lundquist

Jenny Lundquist was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, where she spent her time unsuccessfully learning how to surf. When she was younger, she wanted to be either a rock star or a published author. After she taped herself singing and listened to it on playback she decided she'd better opt for the writing route. Jenny is the author of multiple YA and Middle Grade titles including Seeing Cinderella, The Charming Life of Izzy Malone, The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby and the forthcoming The Carnival of Wishes and Dreams (2019).

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Internet made simple

The Straightforward Internet cuts through the complex digital universe that is cyberspace, and simplifies information that the reader can quickly absorb and apply, if they choose to. Geared for Gen-Exers and anyone who has been reluctant to embrace all that the Internet offers, it also speaks to the technologically competent reader that understands how fluid the digital universe is and wants to stay on top of it. Plus, there’s information for everyone that falls between these categories. For background fun, occasional references to the original Back to the Future movie touches on the experiences of Marty & Doc…Since the Internet’s arrival in our collective consciousness, human attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. We must communicate swiftly and succinctly to hold one another’s attention. This book packs a lot of critical information into a fairly small package, delivering something for (nearly) everyone. Expertise surely exists beyond mine but it’s often accompanied by an inability to express itself in everyday language so the majority can comprehend it.

Book Details:

Release Date: February 4, 2017
Genre: Non-fiction
Keywords: Internet, viruses, Social Media, ephemeral emails, online Easter Egg hunts, TOR, Onion Router, VPN, Dark Net, bitcoin, Back to the Future, Deep Web
Formats for review: ebook (.mobi/Kindle, .pdf), print (US only)
Note on book content: No violence or sex, allowed on TV swearing, recreational drug use (on the Deep Web). PG-13 rating. 

About the Author:
Terry Lynne Hale is a Kansas City freelance writer and author whose first book, Ageless Internet, won the 2012 Indie Excellence Award. Her business experience provided ample opportunity for writing and marketing. Terry has three featured Squidoo lenses (now Hub Pages) and is a Diamond Ezine Articles expert author.

Terry Lynne Hale is an author and freelance writer with a passion for, well, a lot of things!  She is passionate about reading, writing, the Internet, family, friends, pets, vibrant health, the environment, wildlife preservation, protecting 2ndamendment rights, and death with dignity-to name some passions.

Her first book, Ageless Internet – Internet Basics for Boomers and Seniors, won the 2012 Indie Excellence Award in its genre.

This year she self-published The Straightforward Internet – Your Simplified Guide to Exploring Everything from Basics to Social Media to the Deep Web, geared for Gen-Exers and everyone else who’s been reluctant to embrace all that the digital universe offers.  The Straightforward Internet earned her Indie Reader Approved status with a 4 star review.

Hale became interested in alternative health and optimal nutrition when she embarked on self-employment in 2001.  In addition to freelancing, she became a wellness consultant and has voraciously studied the work of many doctors, authors, nutritionists, and scientists since.  Her calling has revolved around helping, and sharing information that benefits others.
Hale lives in Kansas City with her husband and their extremely willful cat, Stinker.   Her 3rd book, Interview 2017, is scheduled to be published later this summer.

Amazon - The Straightforward Internet
Amazon - Ageless Internet

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Brush with the Beast

A Brush with the Beast is a new Christian Fiction novel by Richard Sones.

You will laugh, cry, and cling to the edge of your seat as you follow this thrilling, international adventure, and epic battle between good and evil.

A brilliant and exceptionally talented IT executive, Nick Gooseberry, is at his wits' end trying to rid himself of chronic debilitating pain. In desperation he turns to The Order, a shadowy organization that promises him freedom from pain and much more. With The Order's help behind the scenes, Nick lies and blackmails his way into the highest levels of government while plunging into the blackest corners of hell until he sets his sights on ruling the world.

Sarah Johnson is a thirty-something ex-con that the system abandoned in a small town in Texas. As a dime store cashier, her biggest worries are what to eat and what to wear, but she's always late for work. Her boss decides to get rid of her for good by sending her back to prison, enticing her with a shortcut to riches. She meets the Lord along the way and manages to escape from the authorities, but the fact that she's pregnant attracts the attention of the Beast. After being whisked to the other side of the planet, her biggest worry becomes surviving.

A Palestinian schoolboy who witnessed the death of his parents grows into a world renowned terrorist driven by his thirst for revenge on his family's murderers. He hates Israel and their number one ally, the United States. Known by his Arabic nickname, Fanak (the Fox), he orchestrates terror on every continent never realizing that he's a puppet of the Beast.

The gripping plot, tender moments, plights and ambitions of each character will draw you in to this page turner you won't be able to put down.

About the Author:

Richard Sones grew up as a citizen of the world. Moving every three to twenty-four months from continent to continent, he was exposed to many cultures. As an adult, he continued his tour of the world as a chaplain in the U.S. Army having served 28 years. As a consequence of many deployments, he has first hand knowledge of many varied customs and peoples. Happily married now 38 years, he is a father to four and grandfather to another four. He is still in ministry as the chaplain of a major hospital in El Paso, Texas. He lives just outside the city in the semi-desert where he has time to write, build things in his wood shop, play his guitar, and tinker with the yard.

A Brush with the Beast is available for sale on Amazon:

Readers can connect with Richard on Twitter:

An Excerpt from Chapter 1

“Good morning, Mr. D.” chirped Gail. She was always happy, unnaturally happy. She was happy when no one was supposed to be happy. Nick didn’t like that about her, but she was the best secretary he had ever had. He groaned in response to her cheerful greeting and disappeared into his office. “It can’t be all that bad,” he heard her holler after the door had been shut.
Only fifteen quiet minutes had elapsed when a light tapping emanated from the door. “Sir, would you like a cup of coffee?”
“She must be on something,” Nick thought when he heard her. “Sure, Gail, come in.”
The door opened and the cheerful secretary came in using both hands to carry saucer and cup. She wore an off white dress that hung past her knees. Her silver hair was colored dishwater blond, but not so anyone could tell. It reached her shoulders in gentle curls, which bobbed slightly as she walked. “Here you go,” she said as she carefully placed the coffee on the desk in front of him. She had been his personal secretary for over seven years, yet their interaction was as formal as it was the first day. She had never heard anyone call him by his real name. “Will there be anything else, sir?” she asked.
“As a matter of fact, there is. Have a seat, Gail.”
The generally cheerful expression immediately disappeared from Gail’s face as she slowly sat in one of the two burgundy leather arm chairs facing the desk.
Nick felt a trace of satisfaction at seeing her grin dissolve. He knew she thought she was in trouble and decided to let her fret a little before going on. “Have you seen the stock price?” he asked sternly as he began to walk slowly around the spacious office.
“Sir, it’s always low this time of year, and with Energetic Digital Systems big layoff, the whole sector is down more than usual.”
He could hear the anxiety now in her voice. “Enough fun,” he thought, and abruptly changed the topic.
“Gail, I have a friend,” he began, at the same time wondering whether she would buy his story. “He’s been suffering from something debilitating. He experiences pain in his upper back from time to time.” Nick struggled to explain without letting on that he was talking about himself. “He’s been to doctors and had every imaginable test run without any help or answers. Well, I told him over the phone that I would try to help him.”
He stopped pacing and turned to face her. “She looks like she’s buying it,” he thought to himself.
“I want you to do some research to see if you can find some alternative direction to send him. He’s already tried everything conventional. Check out the offbeat, the bizarre, and let me know what you find. I’d like to help the guy if I could. He sounded somewhat downhearted when I talked to him last night. Any questions?”